Explore Odihsa in its cuisine. Part-2

After exploring various food from different places of Odisha our day-1 has come to end. in case you missed out reading day 1 article please find the link : https://www.thefoodculture.in/2021/04/explore-odihsa-in-its-cuisine-part-1.html


This is our day2 in Odisha. Odisha trip is incomplete without Puri Jagannath's Darshan. So on day 2 we went to Puri and had the darshan of lord Jagannath. Prasad offered to Lord Jagannath is called Chappan Bhog. 56 items are offered as prasad to lord Jagannath. Kaja is one among the 56 items.

There are many shops which sell kaja. Of them all Sri Nrusingha Sweets located in swargdwar road is popular in serving tastiest kaja in entire town. Its so popular that you find many shops with the same name in entire Puri.


The ingredients in making Kaja are wheat flour, all purpose flour, Ghee, Sugar syrup. Wheat flour and all purpose flour are kneaded into a dough. Ghee is also added while making the dough. Then dough is rolled as per the required size and deep fried in oil. Later the plain kaja are soaked in hot sugar syrup to absorb the sweetness.


Keeping aside the origin of this sweet, it has become the prasad of Lord Jagannath.

After having Kaja in Puri, we headed to Nimapara to have Chenna Jhilli. We took Puri-Konark marine drive to reach Nimapara. 

This forest route is scenic with hidden beaches and the famous Konark sun temple.

Sun temple was built with Kalinga architecture. The temple is designed in such a way that first rays of sunrise falls on the entrance first. This chariot temple has 24 wheels which can be used to calculate time accurately. 


Chenna Jhilli was first prepared by Arthabandu Sahoo in Nimapara which later spread entire Odisha. Late Mr. Arthabandu Saho established a small shop named “Patitapaban sweets” and sold his signature dish ‘Chenna Jhilli’. Gradually with the word of mouth, this sweet had spread entire state and became one of the traditional sweets of Odisha.

 Chenna Jhilli is prepared using Cottage cheese, All purpose flour and sugar syrup. Chenna Jhilli is so soft that it just melts when you put in your mouth.

With this our day-2 has come end. On day-3, we have explored the local breakfast, lunch and bit of evening snacks in Bhubaneswar. Day-3 will be published in next article. 

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